About Us


The Northeastern University History Association (NUHA) is the official student organization of the History Department of Northeastern University, though many of our members come from other departments. We meet every week to listen to student presentations on historical topics that interest them, play Jeopardy and trivia games, watch faculty research presentations, and more! We also go on monthly trips to historical sites in the Boston area, including Gloucester, Salem, and Plymouth and they're really fun! If you're interested in joining, click the links on the left to join our Engage page and our distribution list!

NUHA is also affiliated with the Northeastern Historical Review (NHR). This is our in-house academic journal that publishes original research in history written by Northeastern students. Occasionally, we will have research talks in coordination with the Review at our meetings, but they are nonetheless a separate entity so if you're interested in learning more about them, visit their website at northeasternhistoricalreview.org.

If you have any questions about NUHA, please feel free to reach out to contact@northeasternhistoryassociation.org. It's a very fun and casual group, so definitely don't be afraid to get involved!



2023-2024 Board

Cyrus Seyrafi


Cyrus Seyrafi is a fourth (and final) year history, philosophy, and mathematics major, excited to return for a second year as your president. A fanatic for ancient through early modern history and philosophy, he's always working ingratiate more interesting stuff into our NUHA programming and presentations. He also serves as the editor-in-chief of the Northeastern Historical Review and enjoys Percy Jackson & the Olympians, The Lord of the Rings, various Disney movies, Avatar: The Last Airbender, big band music, the Bee Gees, milk, sticky toffee pudding, and earl grey tea.

Contact: president@northeasternhistoryassociation.org

Maggie Clark

Vice President

Maggie Clark is a junior at Northeastern studying Data Science and International Affairs. She currently works on co-op for the CoMM Lab in the Network Science Institute. Her historical interests include anything from global mythology to Appalachian origins.

Contact: vicepresident@northeasternhistoryassociation.org

Katie Kuykendall


Hi, I’m Katie! I am a third year History and Political Science major with a Sociology minor. In addition to being Secretary for NUHA, I also work as a CSSH peer mentor, and am involved with various other clubs on campus. This is my first time being a part of e-board and I look forward to having a great year with y’all!

Contact: secretary@northeasternhistoryassociation.org

Mike Tersarotto


Lauren Uhl


Lauren Uhl is a third-year History and Political Science major. Lauren specializes in 20th-century education history, bringing this passion to their research and their position as a Reference Assistant at the Massachusetts State Archives. In their free time, Lauren enjoys gardening, rock climbing (poorly), and cooking soup.

Contact: historian@northeasternhistoryassociation.org