Northeastern University History Association 

Northeastern University's Society for Undergraduate Students of History

Welcome to NUHA!

The Northeastern University History Association (NUHA) is the official student organization of the History Department of Northeastern University, though many of our members come from other departments. We meet every week on Thursdays from 7:00-8:30pm in 105 Shillman Hall to listen to student presentations on historical topics that interest them, play Jeopardy and trivia games, watch faculty research presentations, and more! We also go on monthly trips to historical sites in the Boston area, including Gloucester, Salem, and Plymouth and they're really fun! If you're interested in joining, click the links on the left to join our Engage page and our distribution list!

NUHA is also affiliated with the Northeastern Historical Review (NHR). This is our in-house academic journal that publishes original research in history written by Northeastern students. Occasionally, we will have research talks in coordination with the Review at our meetings, but they are nonetheless a separate entity so if you're interested in learning more about them, visit their website at

In addition to our standard programming, this year we plan to host special events as well. In Fall 2022 specifically, we are planning to host a CSSH Winter Social in coordiantion with other CSSH organizations like NUCALLS and SASA. This will likely take place in the Curry Ballroom in Early December. 

If you have any questions about NUHA, please feel free to reach out to It's a very fun and casual group, so definitely don't be afraid to get involved!